Louise and Paul from Chelmsford embarked on an exciting journey to transform their home with a stunning new kitchen. Their existing traditional kitchen, though charming, was small and cramped. Desiring a spacious and inviting space, they decided to build an extension, creating a large, open kitchen and dining area that would be both functional and beautiful.

The couple envisioned a kitchen that retained a traditional feel but with a fresh, modern twist.

This led them to choose Kesseler’s Sherwood range. They opted for tall doors without horizontal cross rails, giving the kitchen a cleaner and more contemporary look while maintaining a touch of classic elegance.

The main kitchen units were finished in a sophisticated Taupe Grey, perfectly complemented by the island painted in a vibrant Evergreen.

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    Louise and Paul were particularly captivated by the Sherwood door. The quality and craftsmanship were immediately apparent, and they loved the natural, grained look and solid feel, knowing it would be a long-lasting addition to their home.

    Their new kitchen featured bifold doors on two walls, opening out to a beautiful garden. This design flooded the space with natural light, creating a warm, open, and inviting atmosphere.

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    The worktops, supplied by The Marble Group, were crafted from Artscut 30mm Bianco Mysterio quartz. This choice perfectly encapsulated the couple’s desire to blend traditional and contemporary styles.

    The Bianco Mysterio worktop, with its symphony of old and new, is highly sought after for its timeless appeal and modern edge. Its separated, prominent veins provide a touch of marble elegance, while the fresh and contemporary feel integrates beautifully with the kitchen’s overall design.

    Moreover, its durability, being 92% natural quartz combined with resins, ensures a scratch and stain-resistant surface, ideal for a bustling household such as this.

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    Louise, who works from home, finds immense joy in her new kitchen. She loves starting her day with a morning coffee at the island, gazing out over the garden through the expansive bifold doors.

    The kitchen’s layout includes a bi-folding breakfast bar area, adding versatility and style to their daily routine.

    The LED lighting installed throughout the kitchen creates a cosy and welcoming atmosphere in the evenings, perfect for both intimate family dinners and entertaining guests.

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    The kitchen is equipped with high-end appliances to match its sophisticated design. The Quooker Pro3 boiler tap in chrome provides instant hot water, while the inset ceramic sink adds a touch of elegance.

    The Neff appliances, including the oven, combi, warmer drawer, and induction vented hob, ensure that every cooking experience is a pleasure.

    Additionally, Bosch appliances, including the dishwasher, fridge, and freezer, offer reliable and efficient performance.

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    Louise and Paul’s new kitchen, designed and supplied by Kesseler, is a perfect blend of traditional charm and modern functionality.

    It’s a space where they can enjoy family time, entertain friends, and where Louise can comfortably work from home.

    The meticulous attention to detail, high-quality materials, and beautiful design have transformed their kitchen into the the true heart of their home.

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    If Louise and Paul’s story has inspired you, consider visiting your local Kesseler dealer to discuss your own kitchen project. Our experts are ready to help you bring your dream kitchen to life.
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