because you are not like everybody else.


Stories help us to give meaning to the things around us. This is ours.

Investing in a Kesseler kitchen is an investment in your home and your lifestyle. Supreme quality, craftsmanship, engineering and design allows you to enhance your property with our stunning kitchens, whilst adding value through enjoyment of family time, shared experiences and improved living spaces in your home.


Kesseler was founded back in 2009 on the basis of a belief that everyone is different – and should be treated as such. We passionately advocate this in everything we do.

A family business, born in the heart of Nottinghamshire, Kesseler was created and inspired to do great things, for great clients. German and European-inspired design aesthetic but with that unmistakable English spirit.

Industry-leading and innovative from the start, we combine quality British craftsmanship with state-of-the-art processes, machinery and precision engineering.

Buying a luxury, bespoke kitchen should be a wonderful experience, in a beautiful boutique showroom with the UK’s most talented designers who care about every little detail, ensuring your kitchen is unique to you, your needs and your personality.


No situation is the same. No two homes are alike, because the people inside those homes and their ideas, inspirations and passions are unique.

The personal tastes and styles of each client are one of a kind, so why shouldn’t their kitchen be?

Our showrooms are carefully selected and strategically located around the UK. Each adopt the Kesseler  methodology and the trained, experienced designers truly understand the value of helping you create the individual kitchen of your dreams.

The ever-growing network of Kesseler showrooms is dedicated to designing and building the most unique kitchens in Europe,  built in Nottinghamshire.


No situation is the same. Each person’s taste and style is unique, so why shouldn’t their kitchen be?

Our partner showrooms are all carefully selected and supported. Each adopt the Kesseler  methodology and understand the value of helping you create the individual kitchen of your dreams.

The network of Kesseler showrooms is dedicated to creating the most unique kitchens in the UK.


The best of British design tends to reward those who care about detail. You need to lift the bonnet of an iconic car or check the lining of a Savile Row suit to appreciate what makes them special. A common theme is that the beauty of significant purchases often originates from technical superiority, to produce a piece of crafted brilliance to behold and savour.

A Kesseler kitchen is emotive, beautiful and deeply alluring. It is the detail which reveals the soul of the brand, such as the patented construction or the interior and trim finish from our master craftsmen – see a Kesseler and you’ll appreciate the difference.


We built our brand on the idea that a kitchen should have a wonderful foundation. If 75% of your kitchen is the cabinetry, then it should be great.

Our kitchens are precision-crafted utilising our unique and globally-patented ‘Fortis’ joint’ system.

This innovative system is widely regarded by engineers, architects and joiners as being the strongest way of building kitchen furniture, meaning our kitchens are structurally more robust than other ‘cam & dowel’ or ‘glue & dowel’ kitchens and will stand forever.

We are so confident that we offer our clients an industry-leading Lifetime Guarantee on their kitchen furniture.

Pair that with our wide range of modern and traditonal styles and virtually unlimited finishing combinations, we enable our clients to really craft a kitchen unique to them.

Something of  remarkable quality. Something individual. Something unique.

This is what we stand for.


Our kitchens are built to the highest of standards utilising our unique, patented ‘Fortis joint’ system.

This is widely regarded as being the strongest way of building kitchen furniture, meaning our kitchens are more robust and will last a lifetime.

We are so confident, we offer an industry-leading Lifetime Guarantee on all of our kitchens.

Pair that with our wide range of modern and traditonal styles and virtually unlimited finishing combinations, we enable our clients to really create a kitchen unique to them.

Something of  remarkable quality. Something individual. Something unique.

This is what we stand for.


The British home is as varied as the British character, with its breadth of historic ideals, its appreciation of what is timeless and love of sophistication. One size or style does not fit all.

The Kesseler range and manufacturing philosophy accommodates everything from a much loved, rustic cottage without a straight line in sight, to a light-filled 21st-century new-build home, with minimalist interior, demanding a Made-To-Measure kitchen of exquisite linear beauty.

“Regardless of the space, Kesseler will create you a kitchen that will change your life, the way you live it, in ways you could never imagine – our clients have told us so.”

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