Modern Kitchens

Made to measure. Truly bespoke.

Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Luxury grey modern kitchen

Stunning contemporary kitchens,
proudly built in Britain.

Your dream home needs a heart and you just found it.

Complete your home with a bespoke modern kitchen by Kesseler, built to last a lifetime.

These truly bespoke, made to measure kitchens include our award-winning flagship Vanquish true handleless kitchen range – an elegant and stylish modern kitchen collection that has received critical acclaim from House Beautiful.

For those seeking modern kitchen styling but with exquisite handles, our Contemporary kitchens collection is guaranteed to delight.

A kitchen with style and substance.

Your modern Kesseler kitchen will be entirely made to measure, built to suit the exact dimensions of your space with no need for unsightly filler panels.

Maximise every inch of your room with elegant, modern storage solutions such as le-mans corner units, LED-lit pull-out with glass sides and anti-slip mats and much more besides.

From an exquisite selection of door styles, your custom kitchen can be built in any colour thanks to our bespoke painting service, including Farrow & Ball colour matching and upgrades to metallic or pearlescent finishes for that final flourish that elevates a Kesseler beyond standard kitchens.

Commissioning a premium kitchen means personalisation. You can choose from approximately 50 cabinet décors and colours for a mix & match so that your kitchen is equally beautiful on the inside… because behind the door counts, too.

luxury modern kitchen

Creating your masterpiece.

Available in a range of stunning finishes from soft-touch perfect matt to metallic, wood to stone, we offer an almost limitless variety of colours & styles allowing you to truly flex your creativity and bring your vision of a dream kitchen to life.

The space is further enhanced with beautiful atmospheric lighting that can be linked to your Smart Assistant of choice.

Full project management is available from our showrooms, where your designer can offer a turnkey solution to enable things to run as smoothly as possible and remove the hassle from your kitchen buying journey.

Your designer will liaise with architects, builders and trades to get your dream kitchen completed, fuss-free.


modern true handleless kitchen


Our flagship, the elegant Vanquish true handleless kitchen creates a truly modern masterpiece in an aesthetic often associated with German kitchens.

blue modern kitchen


Modern handles are the perfect finishing touch to this elegant contemporary kitchen, with 200+ doors and 50+ cabinet styles to choose from.

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Book a complimentary, no obligation call with your nearest designer to discuss your upcoming project and ask questions.

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Our boutique showrooms span the country, showcasing our stunning kitchens and with class-leading designers.


At Kesseler, we offer a wide range of stunning doors and décors for you to choose from, allowing you to create a wonderful, unique space that’s tailored to your styles and inspirations.

Explore the full range of door décors which are available on any of our true handless kitchens or our contemporary kitchens, finished with exquisite modern handles for the final flourish.

contemporary kitchen decors