As an employer, Kesseler has a legal duty under Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to conduct a risk assessment for our business as a workplace. We take the health and safety of our employees extremely seriously and have taken great care to consider the potential ramifications of COVID-19 on our team in our office, production facility and in retail showrooms, which are privately operated but, in some instances, under the Kesseler brand name.

Some of the key steps we have taken are:

  • Work from home – where possible, staff are working remotely and are in daily communication with senior management.
  • Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment – in consultation with the management team and as per HSE guidelines, we’ve published this document in full below.
  • Maintain social distancing – Wherever possible by re-designing workspaces, creating one way walk-throughs, opening more exits and entrances and changing seating layouts.
  • Manage transmission risk – minimising the number of staff in contact with each other.
  • Reinforcing cleaning processes – Paying close attention to high contact objects like door handles and keyboards, providing handwashing facilities or hand sanitisers at entry and exit points.

In light of recent government guidance around the COVID-19 coronavirus and workplace safety, we have published our Health & Safety Executive risk assessment document in full, which you can read below.