The Brand

The Story

Kesseler was born over a decade ago from bad experiences; frustration at sub-par kitchens and poor quality of design.

We thought, “there must be something better out there.” But it didn’t exist.

So, we designed it. We built it. We patented it. You’ll love it.

The Design

The 21st-century kitchen is a social hub – it’s where we spend most of our time at home and needs to provide the ideal environment to prepare food, entertain or relax.

Your Kesseler-accredited designer will hone your vision of the perfect functional space, thanks to Kesseler’s innovative features, choice of finish and emphasis on individuality.

The result will be a masterpiece more striking and tailored than you could have imagined.

The Kesseler Difference

The best of British design tends to reward those who care about detail. You need to lift the bonnet of an iconic car or check the lining of a Savile Row suit to appreciate what makes them special. A common theme is that the beauty of significant purchases often originates from technical superiority, to produce a piece of crafted brilliance to behold and savour.

A Kesseler kitchen is emotive, beautiful and deeply alluring. It is the details which reveal the soul of the brand. Such as the patented construction, the interior finish and trim finish – own a Kesseler and appreciate the difference.

The Vision

The British home is as varied as the British character, with its breadth of historic ideals, its appreciation of what is timeless and love of sophistication. One size or style does not fit all.

The Kesseler range and manufacturing philosophy accommodates everything from a much loved, rustic cottage without a straight line in sight, to a light-filled 21st-century new-build home, with minimalist interior, demanding a Made-To-Measure kitchen of exquisite linear beauty.

“Regardless of the space, Kesseler will create you a kitchen that will change your life, the way you live it, in ways you could never imagine – our clients have told us so.”


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