Ready-to-wear covers most fashion bases. But for something as personal and enduring as a kitchen there has to be another way.

At Kesseler we call it Made-To-Measure. This is a beautiful, enduring luxury and one which you will appreciate every day.

It stems from the belief that for every kitchen which leaves our factory, the proud client should have the chance to put their stamp on it – to make it work for their home and be one of a kind. It is part of our philosophy and has informed all our investment decisions, from specifying flexible, precision manufacturing machinery, to hiring the skills for hand-built craftsmanship.
The advantages of this approach are tangible. A Made-To-Measure kitchen makes the space, rather than just fills it.

There is always a compromise solution. Large filler panels will close the space where standard cabinets don’t quite fit. But adjust the cabinet widths and you have kitchen furniture which fits perfectly and maximises use of the space available. Or perhaps your ceilings are particularly high or low. We will make the furniture to flatter its surroundings. You might want to work around an architectural feature, a “hero” appliance or a cherished free-standing piece. With Made-To-Measure from Kesseler, you stay in control of the aesthetics and workability of your kitchen.

Made-To-Measure dimensions are complemented by flexibility in terms of colour, finish and features. Close enough isn’t good enough for such an important investment. Pick the colour shade which first inspired you, the cabinet interior which makes you smile every time you grab a plate and the exquisite details which make your kitchen a true one off.

The result will be outstanding, life-changing – the positive home-enhancing feature it should always be.