For this couple in Berkshire, a modern and contemporary look was needed for their property. Most of the home was being revamped and given a new look, and an incredible new Kesseler kitchen was integral to that.

Working with our Martina, the lead Designer at the showroom Instil Design in Oxfordshire, they created a contemporary kitchen space. They wanted something that would be modern, refined and beautiful but without being bold and too ‘in your face’ – something that would stand the test of time and continue to be modern and relevant.

They settled on Cashmere for this Vanquish Fusion kitchen, with the carcasse and doors matching. The aluminium rail brings a modern, industrial element to the space.

The whole kitchen’s warm colour is lifted further thanks to the LED plinth and under-cabinet accent lighting, which we think makes a lovely touch.

The fantastic aluminium oven seems to blend into the kitchen perfectly, and the suspended microwave looks wonderful.

Finally, the large wine cooler will store all the goodies ready to be enjoyed in this marvellously clean and contemporary kitchen.

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